All 3rd year students in the Grande École program (Lille and Paris) have been taking part in the capstone project called “Creating a Business”. This is an ambitious academic project where students need to identify and develop a new business idea that is consumer-oriented by taking one or more UN Sustainable Development Goals. Students need to take these goals in the context of business opportunities and develop a sustainable project around them.

Divided into groups of approximately 5 students, they have different classes where they feed their main objective that is to design and create a sustainable business. The different classes are: Design thinking, Company law, Market research, Digital Corporate finance, Strategy & innovation, Business negotiation and Business ethics. 

The support of coaches and professors at the School are central but for this academic project, IESEG has decided to invite the incubator and mostly, the incubees to give their feedback to the student´s projects at an early stage of development.

“..The fact that students get feedback from someone who already has launched their own enterprise is crucial..”Stated Aurore BURIETZ Associate professor of finance and coordinator of the capstone project.

In Total, 600 students were coached by 16 incubees in Paris and Lille in 2 days where a lot of ideas and passion were exchanged.

Students had the chance to discuss with real entrepreneurs that are students as well. A lot of empathy, passion and self-reflection were mutual transmitted. Specifically, students presented their topic to get feedback and recommendations about the scope of their project, the market target, their business model, possible risk and overall feasibility.

“.. I was pleasantly surprised by the engagement and quality of the students’ work in such a short time. I was also able to talk about entrepreneurship with some of them at the end of the presentations, it’s a good way to create links and present the incubator..

Maxence MORIN, CO foundateur Motion Advisory.


“..Thank you for this beautiful project it was very cool :)..”

Axel Fenaux. Co-Founder and CTO Revlys.

See you next semester!